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But in the world of the Silos, there is no black and white — everything is shades of gray. But can they work together long enough to succeed? Product Details About the Author. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Baumgartner's Bombay. The novel follows Hugo Baumgartner as he flees View Product. My mother loved me to pieces, as she often said, writes Roy Blount Jr. In the book his readers have been waiting for, our generation's master of full-hearted humor lays open Born Again.

What happens when a Bible Quiz Champion takes on Darwin? View 2 comments. I guess that it was the suspense and delving into the unknown that really propelled the first book, and both sequels being deprived of that suspense and unknown really hurt the series as a whole. View all 6 comments.


I love twists in my fiction. But sometimes a twist isn't the most important thing to have in a story. When the twist is all that a story revolves around, that it doesn't survive without the twist, that twist becomes nothing more than a pivoting gimmick. The reason I point this out right now is because I want to indicate that while the ending to this Wool trilogy is predictable, it is still entertaining and meaningful. It might be that I'm fresh off catching some fire with the second Hunger Games movie which was incredibly good but this conclusion reminded me of a more mature Hunger Games.

Not in any of the plot details or the characters, but more the tempo and tone - things which I loved while reading the Hunger Games books. While I found this book more about filling in the gaps and wrapping everything up, to someone else there may be a few revelations.

The real quality of the book therefore, came not from what happened with the plot, but more about the deeper meanings. In this book there is the opportunity for individuals to be free from the constraints of their social rules and laws, but many just want to remain with what they know, not what makes them free.

Which leads one to consider the long known idea that it is not physical chains or cages that truly bind but the cages of the mind and heart! I may appear to be a little cryptic on this novel, but I doubt I can say anything without truly spoiling the reading experience. Take it from me, if you were a fan of the other two books you won't be so utterly disappointed in this novel, but you may not enjoy it so much as the previous works.

You may find yourself thinking that it was a rather obvious ending. But sometimes it's not about how obvious the ending is as much as how it was told The conclusion of a great series brings great sadness for the fans. Howey leapt from self-published author to New York Times bestselling novelist in record time. On the way, he changed the way authors and the publishing world did business by refusing to relinquish his e-book rights for seven figure publishing de The conclusion of a great series brings great sadness for the fans.

On the way, he changed the way authors and the publishing world did business by refusing to relinquish his e-book rights for seven figure publishing deals. The silo, which consists of nearly two-hundred below-ground, concrete levels, is filled with thousands of survivors from an event occurring over 60 years before. The unremembered event left the outside world uninhabitable with toxic air. Inhabitants who breach the strict Silo laws are sent outside to clean the one screen which gives the occupants a view of the desolate world; their last act before death by the poisonous fumes.

The silo is segmented into class structures from I. She begins to question their world at a perilous risk to her and, also, the silo. Some will live, and you will be surprised by those who die. It is a satisfying conclusion to one of the greatest science-fiction worlds created in modern literature. Jul 06, Althea Ann rated it liked it. I loved 'Wool. With 'Dust' - well, I felt that Howey was coasting on his momentum; using up the supplies that the previous stories had squirreled away in the storeroom. It's not terrible Moreover, I felt really disappointed with a major part of the resolution of the story.

The VAST majority of these stories feature Our Characters discovering that the outside world is livable after all, and venturing out to live in it. Wool didn't do that. Characters went outside - and they died. It was great. At the end of Dust, Howey does a and Out we go to a beautiful new society! It wasn't all planned out in advance; Howey clearly never intended to go so far with this world.

He wrote himself into a situation, and then kept coming up with more character intentions and technical details; trying to fit them into the already-published canon. Some bits work better than other bits And some of the critical details that the plot hinges on really make very little sense. It's still quick-moving and entertaining It would've been wiser to just not explain many of these things, and leave them as eternal mysteries, rather than come up with kludges. I can't help wishing, having finished it, that Howey had let this story stop at the end of 'Wool' - alone, it would've stood as a classic.

Aug 22, Matt rated it really liked it Shelves: post-apoc , science-fiction , dystopia , reviewed. This series happens to be both a post-apocalypse and a dystopia, though it turns out it's more of one than the other. Dust is a fitting wrap-up of the story, and it's obvious the ideas contained in the series are phenomenal; if you do some searching on Amazon Kindle, you'll see that some acclaimed fan fiction has chimed in, because the world suggested by Howey has so much more to explore, even though the tale expressed in this trilogy is certainly the core tale of the world.

What kept this last This series happens to be both a post-apocalypse and a dystopia, though it turns out it's more of one than the other. What kept this last installment from attaining full 5-star status is the rather 2-dimensional characters. The plot and ideas are what make this a fun read, but some richer, compelling character-building would have made it better. I noticed that Ridley Scott has optioned this for the cinema, and I'm ambivalent; the horror works because you have to imagine much of the surroundings as he you weave your way through the mysteries. Not sure how it'll hold up as a movie, though I wouldn't withhold my congratulations from the author.

Who wouldn't enjoy having something they've written be noticed by Mr. Overall, the writing style and reading level has a broad appeal and no doubt its popularity will increase and continue, but those looking for some language richness may come away a tad disappointed. Nevertheless, this was a high-paced and very fun read, and a great shaking up of familiar sci-fi concepts into something fresh and freaky and compulsively readable. Jan 13, Michael Finocchiaro rated it really liked it Shelves: americanst-c , sci-fi , novels , dystopian , series , fiction.

The final volume of the Silo Trilogy picks up where the first one, Wool, left off. Having read Wool months before Dust, I have to admit that some of the characters and situations were a bit dusty in my mind, but still the narrative does stick together. Having learned of the nanobots in Shift and the apocalyptic plans of Thurman and his two ill-fated pals, it was interesting to see how Howey threaded the end of his story. I feel that the character development was always a little week in this tril The final volume of the Silo Trilogy picks up where the first one, Wool, left off. I feel that the character development was always a little week in this trilogy - what supports the books is really the plot and action more than the characters in my humble opinion.

As for the entire trilogy, it has been compared favorably to Hunger Games. Having read that one last year, I'd say this one is for older kids than Hunger Games was more sex and language here , but that the character development of Katniss was probably more interesting than that of Charlotte or Juliette or Solo or Donald in Dust. I guess that is somewhat to be expected since the Solo series takes place over a much longer period of time.

The future that Howey projects is even more dire and hopeless than that of HG. At the risk of a spoiler, I just don't find it logical that only two live and one dead silo out of fifty would be the subject here. I would have expected more of the silos to be in communication and certainly also to overcome the various safeguards keeping them from "outside".

There were other things I found improbable where my suspension of disbelief was pushed a little too far like how did they populate the silos with s of people without anyone figuring out the bigger picture? How could Thurman have built 50 silos rather than just one? So, if you are not a stickler for realism and want pure escapism and are not too fussy about character development, you may enjoy this series.

I found it fun and thought-provoking but inferior to other dystopian classics such as, say, The Handmaid's Tale or Brave New World. Nov 22, Adam Goldfarb rated it did not like it. This was an absolute disappointment. I feel badly being negative but this is just deserving of it. Shift had such promise of what was to come.

It built up my expectations to a conclusion of hope and these characters who were finally developed after a weak origin in Wool would finally come into their own. Instead I was given characters who were This was an absolute disappointment. Instead I was given characters who were absolute idiots and could never understand what is in their own best interest.

The whole premise of this story was that a group of people hit the reset button on humanity because we had gotten out of control and lapsed into nothing but destruction. Putting survivors underground to rebuild for hundreds of years so that perhaps we could become better. What we have is not only a complete failure of this plan a sacrifice but we have survivors who should not have been the ones to succeed because they represent the worst of us.

Wool set the world, Shift clarified it and gave us hope, and Dust did what the title promises In fiction we are given the opportunity to create worlds and universes that are better than our own. Reading is an escape into places we wish to one day be able to visit, rescue, or even destroy. But here we are given our own world that has no hope. The best of us die, the worst of us live, and we are doomed to live in this cycle of disappointment and misery for all eternity.

Aug 17, Devon Gilchrist rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. This book,the entire Wool series, is an absolute masterpiece. If you've never heard of it, look up Wool Omnibus. If the description speaks to you at all, don't hesitate. If you've already read it and Shift, you will never have been more satisfied by the conclusion of any story or trilogy as you hungrily read your way to the final chapter Hugh Howey expertly serves up in Dust.

Sep 04, Michael Long rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. Want to know what happens with Juliette being mayor? What about Troy and Charlotte in silo 1? Will Troy's charade as Thurman go unnoticed?

Dust by Hugh Howey, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

What is up with Troy's cough? Will Juliette be reunited with Solo and the kids in silo 17? Will silo 1 continue to put up with rebellion from silo 18? And what will silo 18 do with it's new found knowledge about the outside and other silos? What about the fate of all the other silos? What is that brief blue sky vision from the drone? Do the nanos continue to destroy the entire world? And just what is the end game that silo 1 has planned out? And finally, will these poor people ever make it out of the silo prisons? All of this is answered and more in the novel.

If you've read the other books in this series, you have to get this one. There really isn't any reason not to. This book answers a ton of questions and wraps up the story nicely. It is full of action, with only a few slow sections that were more philosophical. The plot really is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, and both smart and stupid decisions from characters we love.

We see absolutely terrible decisions, but we also see sacrifice and heroism. And whereas the first Wool was all about cleaning those cameras So read it, and find out what that stuff is! Sep 13, Ferdy rated it liked it Shelves: decent-secondary-characters , liked-the-world , post-apocalyptic , dystopian.

Spoilers Not as engrossing as Wool or Shift — the plot, the mystery, the characters, and the relationships lost most of their appeal, they just didn't captivate me like they did in the previous two books. I have to say, Dust was mostly disappointing — I didn't hate it, I actually quite liked a lot of things, but overall it didn't meet my expectations. I hated the MC's Juliette and Donald , the secondary characters were pretty good though. Lukas was okay, but I did find the way he constantly panted after Juliette annoying. Courtnee, Solo and Charlotte were likeable.

I know she never wanted to be mayor but the fact that she was okay abusing her mayoral power… But at the same time refused to the required day-to-day responsibilities of the mayor pissed me off. She didn't want to help the people in her Silo, she just wanted to go off and do whatever crazy idea came into her head.

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I was glad that the Silo turned against her, she didn't deserve anyone's respect, she cared more about Silo 1 and 17 than the welfare of her own people. It was like she wasn't happy no matter what circumstance she was in — when Silo 17 was eventually reached she quickly forgot about Solo and the kids even though she was apparently so desperate to rescue them that she endangered thousands of people , and moved onto a shiny new project she started.

She repeatedly put everyone's lives at risk just so she could satisfy her own curiousity. It was her fault that her Silo was shut down. Her arc did get more interesting when Donald was taken by Thurman - her contacting Juliette, sneaking out, and meeting Darcy was pretty entertaining. I loved that she escaped Silo 1 and met up with Juliette, it made the end more hopeful since she knew about the old world and could pass on her knowledge to everyone that escaped. Shouldn't the bad nanos outside have gotten into Thurman's body and attacked the good nanos? Did he have more powerful nanos or something?

Or did he have medical treatment after 'saving' Donald? She was the first one to figure out Thurman's endgame, it was great how she turned her back on her dad and tried to save the other Silos. In the previous book, I thought she deserved being killed, but after reading Dust I really wish she'd survived. The disgusting paedos thought it was cool to marry off a seven year old to an old man. They should have all been killed off. That whole fucked up congregation came out of nowhere, I can't believe that they were so many people that were cool with the paedophilic marriage — especially when 1.

Children were supposed to be rare and precious and 2. Marrying children off to adults was something that was never done before in the Silos. The whole arc was weird and random. And some of the deaths seemed like they were written more for shock value than for anything else. After all the manipulating, absolute power and knowledge of Silo 1, it was unimpressive that they were wiped out so easily.

There should have been more complexity and intelligence to their destruction. All in all, Dust was mostly enjoyable but it wasn't quite as exciting as the first two books. I fell in love with the first book in this series, Wool, when I read it. It's one of my all time favorites. Then I read the second book, Shift, and hated it.

It was written in a different style then Wool and it contained a lot of flashbacks to older times which didn't do anything for me at all. I wouldn't recommend skipping Shift though because you do get a lot of the backstory which you need to know to fully appreciate the whole story.

I was hoping though, that Dust wouldn't be anyt 4.

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I was hoping though, that Dust wouldn't be anything like it and was written more like Wool and it was. It started out where Wool left off so I took to it immediately and finished it the same day. What's really special about this series I think is the setting and the world building. How the society is structured within the Silos is just brilliant.

I also really liked how Howey wrapped up the ending nice and neat so you weren't left with any cliffhangers or a thousand questions either. If you like dystopian books, then this series is a definite must-read! Jun 11, Zoeytron rated it liked it Shelves: public-library , new-fangled-e-reader. The folly of those few 'deciders' has finally come home to roost. For those who love to read of post-apocalyptic and dystopian worlds but can do without the sappy teen triangular romances and made up swear words, this is the series for you.

Wool and Shift were excellent, and Dust finishes things off very nicely. Good story! Aug 17, Timothy Ward rated it really liked it Shelves: post-apocalyptic , science-fiction , , dystopian. CONS: Lacked enough surviving characters to keep us as engaged as we were in earlier books of the series; subplot about the endangered child was not rewarding enough. Howey puts characters in places where they pass through whatever fog has kept them from experiencing this motivating force, and then we share their thrill as they run full-spirit ahead toward the embodiment of their hope.

Have a peak and see for yourself how his characters will move you. It is interesting to see how the books differed. Wool remains my favorite. I read that so quickly and with such fascination and emotional tension that it will go down as one of my top three books. The middle lagged a little in the setup before the major conflict, but other than that it was flawless.

The story was poetic, heart-wrenching and thrilling all in a fascinating underground dystopia. His fight to get her back tore my heart out and made me a better person. The second storyline of the porter was also a great and emotional experience within the silo culture, but the third storyline lagged a lot and the end was really hard to read through. With Dust, the pacing is even better than the previous two books.

Our surviving main characters have the final task of escaping the silo and seeing what future can be had outside amidst the poisoned world. Finding out this secret is a terrific motivation to finish the series, as well as the surprises encountered in the book. I only have two small complaints. Second, and a very minor gripe, was the child-in-danger subplot. Other than that though, this series is a must-read.

Nov 21, Alondra rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-own , sci-fi-dystopian. Dust picks up where Wool left off. Like another reviewer stated, "With Wool, it was the stairs and a representation of class or hierarchy. With Shift, it was all about power and challenges to that power. It was also by design, as we find out towards the end. There were so many secrets revealed and such damaging secrets. Horrible, selfish secrets that became the doom of mankind and no apologies given. Only a megalomaniac could come up with this bull-ish.

So, most questions are neatly answered by the end and some things are revealed that leave you angry, sad and bewildered that folks could come up with such a hellish idea. Even though there was a lot of info, the pacing was pretty quick and a little rushed at the end, but we are living on borrowed time people. We gotta move fast. I really want the nice, tidy bow ending. We will be touring with Moostash Joe Tours again and would highly recommend.

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