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Not many people were in position to realize right away what a profound effect the use of such system would have increasingly on daily life, in terms of rationalization of working methods and environment, flexibility of services, and finally — reliability. Product promotion here again is combined with the aim of cultural diffusion. A rigorously trained designer who is also open to the problems of the functional purpose of a message, Bassi utilizes with equal effectiveness graphic invention and photography, type faces and layout, sometimes adroitly combining different techniques and media.

His visualization of the product itself may be the point of departure for a bold reinterpretation, in which the design of the machine, seen two dimensionally, takes on a new dramatic quality. Similarly, images are shown in unusual situations, created specially for the construction of a message. In other cases the parts of one or more of the products may suggest to the artist associations and compositions that are substantially graphic though made possible by the use of photography.

The human aspect is more in evidence where machines and systems are visualized in the specific situation of their use, or Examples are his Olivetti advertisements in the best magazines for general news, economics and the arts appearing in the world today. An anti-machine machine, built around the commonest mass-produced mechanism, the work inside any typewriter, that may seems to be an unpretentious toy. The two elements of the machine itself, that is all one with the handle and cover, and its container with the two black rubber hooks, are made of orange-red injection molded ABS.

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The only shield against dust is provided by the front shell from which the keys project and the red rim enclosing them. On the contrary, it is an entirely new typewriter which differs from its forerunner both in form and approach. It has a new, dashing and unconventional air compared with the traditional Olivetti line. It would indeed suggest an equally unorthodox advertising approach. Finally, it is rather un-Italian, and there merits and requisites make it a worthy heir to the Lettera An object that can be placed anywhere, appealing and highly visible, momentary and at the same time not different from the numerous other things which make up the panorama of our daily lives.

From the structural point of view emphasis is placed particularly on the relation between the machine and its holder, achieved through a partial integration of the two units. Bassorilievo, Ettore Sottsass. Some of the dominant features of the graphic work that Walter Ballmer has been doing for Olivetti in the last twenty years may perhaps be summed up in this way. Ballmer, whose early Swiss training provided the groundwork for an independent style that developed in the ambit of Olivetti advertising, in touch with international graphics, has also designed salesroom, exhibition architecture and, especially, trademarks.

In the creation of the most direct advertising advertisements and posters the artist applies his pictorial fantasy and his typographical experience to communications often aimed at suggesting the cultural effects associated with the use of the product in question. Highly stylized feminine images, for instance, are linked with the promotion of a typewriter, which is advanced as a prestige symbol of the modern, sophisticated secretary. The detail of a keyboard, showing figures and calculating symbols in perspective, associates the name of Olivetti and no other copy is necessary with the means of dealing with the daily problem of working with numbers.

Geometric, chromatic and near figurative elaborations of the parts of the product, or of the precision, functionalism, and reliability connected with its use, are directed toward the same end. The client has something to communicate and the artist gives him the benefit of his language, translating the concepts concerned into forms. Of these in certainly trademark, with its double but unified expression of sign and significance, graphic form and word, that is if not the principal then the primary element. Every identity begins with a name if it is true that nothing, no object or idea, no feeling or structure is even perceptible without a name to make it exist and have an individuality.

This is the starting point fir the endless classificatory patience of the past and the nomenclatural ambitions of philologists and scientists, who from Linnaeus onward have sought a hierarchy in the natural order. The same exaggerated and to some extent magic connotation that we find in ancient Latin sayings to the effects that names come from things, words are deities or a word is a sign, takes us to a meaning that is not merely indicative but to a degree ontological and formative of the name with respect to the thing. An augury and a destiny are conveyed by the name in defining a thing.

Libertà di stampa nel Regno d'Italia

It is the first immediate contact with the character if a firm, almost a synthesis of the values that firm expresses. Its importance in any event is so clearly obvious that words are not required to emphasize it. The literature on the subject is vast and has been revived and expanded recently by the acquisition of That is, a correct system of communication signs that facilities recognisability and rationalizes the use of a symbology which is all the more complicated and prone to slide into confusion and approximation, the more complex and far-flung the firm and its influence on a world that tend increasingly to express itself in symbols and ciphers.

To give greater significance than this to a system of signs is most likely an illusion, but in any case an abuse and is part of the general tendency of the times to take on the ersatz, not as substitute but original values. Presenting in these pages, per force summarily exemplified, the result of an effort that starting form the design of a new trade mark went on to study all its possible applications and establish its use for every sector and service, we feel that the cultural Consistent with its history and a commitment to which it has been entirely true for many decades, in this operation the company has not been swayed by any concern with publicity, nor by idealistic self satisfaction, but by that desire for analytical clarity which has helped make it in some measure exemplary.

The operational manual that is to serve as a complete working tool, supplying all the necessary data to anyone working at any point whatsoever of the international organization, should illustrate the conception that lies at the basis of every theme, elaborate its general standards and foresee any variants. The manuals aim at foreseeing the solution of problems arising out of real situation. Each subject is treated in a separate booklet so that the systems can be modified or completed to meet future requirements. This is possible since the basic elements common to the various object dealt with have been reduced to the single Olivetti logotype, whereas in most similar work the symbol, the company colours and the institutional alphabets are also included.

In the Olivetti identification systems all the themes treated have resulted in basic independent solutions, which show, however, an identical conceptual origin.

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  4. Simple graphic structures have been worked out whose parameters are easy to define and communicate, and also allow strong, overall characterization. Balmer, Studio Contact, Unimark International. Un marchio che si impronta, un blocco circondato da un invisibile confine: ma anche qualcosa di dinamico, elastico, confidenziale. Bisognerebbe dire: si svolge su se stessa. Schizzi di Walter Ballmer per il nuovo logotipo Olivetti Griglia di costruzione del logotipo Logotipo Olivetti, Walter Ballmer, Maybe he is lost and bewildered, but somewhere beyond the labyrinth and the ramparts of the impersonal city there is always some unexpected ray of hope.

    In his way, Folon is a prophet. He reminds man that his vocation is t spiritualize the world. He says it gently, with a touch of malice, to hide his intelligence; gravely, with a smile that might serve to hold back tears. His humour is neither anecdotal nor accidental; it pervades the very substance of his shapes and lines. His sketches need no comment. This bureau of graphic design, leaded by Roberto Pieraccini, was not different form the bureau of industrial design.

    Scrittori italiani contemporanei: i migliori 10 da non perdere

    The basic idea was to realize a new image for the promotion of portable typewriters and portable calculators, a kind of objects particularly addressed to young buyers. He often uses soft contrapositions between photographic image elaborated and finished with drawings marked out with slender lines, almost imitating architectonical prospects or interior studies. This is not only because of the nature of the media utilized, but especially because of the mass interest that a particular type of product is bound to arouse. We are thinking of the number of potential buyers of products that have been in common use for years, like the portable typewriter and the small calculator.

    Messages are directed toward a composite public of this sort, including the very young and the old, housewives and artisans, students and workers, and even businessmen who require machines that can travel with them, characterize the graphic work of an artist like Egidio Bonfante, in which liveliness of taste and disciplined expression combine in effects of great communicative immediacy also in messages aimed at more sophisticated audiences.

    Sales points are department stores, drugstores, stationery and domestic appliance stores. These are all places where the message aimed at the public should be as simple as possible and as organic in its various expressions as possible. An image and a brief slogan are repeated on various supports, from advertisements to tv shorts, posters and windows displays, wrapping and labels that go with the product, and letterheads given to the dealers. As I went along the river, all the beauty of the world opened up before me, as if the world were an enormous windblown design by Milton Glaser… I left the canoe on the river bank… A little tired I sat down on a large and comfortable rock and waited there patiently… Suddenly an enormous hand appeared close beside me.

    It almost seemed to be making some sign to me. When I then raised my eyes in the dazzling light, I saw a gigantic face, the countenance of a strange being, wearing round eyeglasses. It was Milton himself. And for hours I stayed sitting on his shoe. From his height we dominated the forest. We remained mute before so much beauty…He…Began to draw.

    On the sheet a sun burst appeared — the sun and rays we know so well from his work. The same dazzling light that confused me when I was in the canoe glared from that sheet. And suddenly I understood where the sun came from. It was Milton who brought it with him. In , with Seymour Chwast, he organized the Push Pin Studio, a group of graphic artists that was to become famous and have a profound influence on the language of advertising communication.

    The group was dissolved some years ago. Poster per Lexicon 82, Glaser, Poster per Valentine Olivetti, Milton Glaser, Not only for typewriters and word processing systems, but for the whole range of machines and systems — calculators, minicomputers, terminals, tele-printers — that provide the user with an output in the form of visual display as well as the printed word.

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    Two basic types of design are called for: those with a continuous profile or those based on a matrix of dots. Printing techniques vary from type bars and single elements to matrix printers. Methods for making result visual also vary, from displays, for example, to light emitting diodes. In any case the main concern of the type face designer is to produce characters that offer the greatest legibility while satisfying the two major requirements of the functional and the aesthetic. The processes of engineering and producing the final matrix are guided by strict criteria guaranteeing that the results correspond to the original design by international recognized graphic designers like Muller-Brockmann, Lindinger and Crouwel , which are committed to the memory of a computer that prepares the instructions for the numerically controlled machines that produce the printing element.

    Olivetti distributes its machines and systems all over the world. In type face design this involves constant research not only in traditional alphabets such as the Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek or the Japanese Katakana, but also those of ancient nations and civilisation emerging today into the technological world, like the Korean, Hindi, Singhalese, Burmese, Nepalese and Thai. Olivetti has also produced a set of Cree characters, designed by Arturo Rolfo in Ivrea, to provide descendants of the Algonquian Indians with a typewriter for use in their own language. The dual objective of the campaign was to modify and to create a characteristic company image.

    In the past, Olivetti had been seen as a producer of equipment ranging from portable typewriters to general line products and data entry, transmission and processing systems. This theme was repeated in local campaigns for individual products or specific product lines for this market. The leitmotiv of the messages combined with intense photographic work for an immediate impact was the vital importance of timely, reliable and effective information in company management.

    Subsequent campaigns progressed from this initial, general appeal, and set out to distinguish, again through the use of photographs and aggressively concise copy, the reason and advantages which dictate and justify a clear preference for Olivetti when choosing data processing machine and systems.

    LIBERTA' - prima parte

    Poster per campagna pubblicitaria sviluppata sul tema del dialogo, Giovanni ferioli This work, which is characterized by typographical selection, the reduction of everything to its simplest and most essential forms, and the structuring of spaces and the enucleation of signs in the service of the message, is a principal aim of the pedagogics of communication that has been freed from fanciful mythologies and analogical reasoning. It is enough to examine one of his working sketches with its dense network of lines that divide up the space into an almost infinitesimal grid, or to be present at one of his layout exercise, arduous and uncompromising to the verge of mania, to realize that the final clarity and sharpness, the sense of order… are not just matters of instinct but also of patient effort, an initial impulse followed by a controlled correction, a first choice of the graphic cadences consolidated by the study and selection of lettering and pictures, and these again subject more to law and geometry than to emotion or the demands of immediacy.

    From this point of view he no doubt belongs to the school of graphic rationalism, a style of presentation that we might call cold, sometimes even with the rigour of any abstraction that seems to communicate its crystalline truth without any emotional participation, being reduced to the austere itinerary of the simplest possible line… In the work of an artist of this type, as in all rationalist graphic design, the lettering and the choice and use of typographic characters are obviously of fundamental importance.

    The reporter-style photographic presentation showing the M20 installed in a work environment enhances the overall image. A special frame devised with truka techniques blends these elements togheter.

    Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies Conference

    The campaign was adapted in every country according to local marketing needs. In contrast, I followed a different line for the messages that supported the re-launching of the electronic typewriters; they reflect a strong commercial positioning. The tone is deliberately ironic, at times provocative; the lay-outs are linear, essential, following a concise syntax.

    Caizzi, Olivetti design process , cit. Celant, Olivetti design process , cit. Klier, C. Castelli, P. Giovanni Pintori, manifesto Olivetti, 9 5. Giovanni Pintori, manifesti Olivetti, , 13 8 Camillo produce macchine e macchine per fare macchine, istruisce operai, instaura un rapporto di cosciente partecipazione tra la fabbrica e il territorio, 25 investe sul valore del lavoro e delle persone. Walter Ballmer e i suoi collaboratori di studio, s. Adriano OLivetti, s. ASO 34 scala For many years still, however, he remained the guardian angel 39 of the factory, stimulating, suggesting, offering the benefit of his experience.

    M1 Marcello Dudovich, poster per M20 M20 44 Pirovano, poster per M20 M40 45 Adriano Olivetti Xanty Schawinsky, poster per MP1, MP1 49 Marcello Nizzoli Marcello Nizzoli, poster per Lexicon 80, At others, the general effect come from a script 53 so spaced and so laid out that the message stands out as a thing of substance — a case of clarity of composition emphasizing a point.

    Giovanni Pintori, poster, 55 Giovanni Pintori: effetto di sintesi Giovanni Pintori, s. Annuncio per rivista, 24,5x28 cm, 76 Pagina per depliant, 21x29,7 cm 77 Schema a colori, 17x21 cm, 78 79 Annuncio pubblicitario a pagina intera per quotidiani 86 87 Copertina per depliant, 21x29,7 cm, 88 Pagina pubblicitaria per riviste, 23x33 cm, 89 90 Manifesto numeri , 50x70 cm, Annuncio a doppia pagina, 31x48 cm, 91 Copertina per rivista, 25,5x30 cm, 92 Annuncio per riviste, 23x29,7 cm, Pagina pubblicitaria per riviste, 23x32 cm, 96 Gli anni 70 A guardare le foto di quegli anni, viene quasi da sorridere.

    Anni in cui ci si orientava in auto con le carte stradali, impossibili da piegare una volta aperte. E si telefonava con i gettoni, sempre che non si girasse a vuoto per cercare una cabina. Gli anni Borsetta: borsa da donna.

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    Il suffisso cambia il significato della parola. Un giorno Emilia a 11 anni ha scoperto su wikipedia che Erodoto era figlio di una greca e di un persiano. Senza la storia come avrebbe fatto Martin Luther King a sapere di Gandhi e della nonviolenza e quindi fare come lui? E noi? Noi come avremmo fatto a sapere di tutti voi?

    Allo studente viene fornito un fascicolo con le tracce disponibili e i materiali utili per lo svolgimento. Preview opens in a new tab.

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    Maria Novella De Luca, Repubblica. Non della saggezza. Massimo Vincenzi, La Stampa. Noir, giallo, thriller sono qui usati come sinonimi. Si propone di pubblicare in particolare libri di scrittori giovani.